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Nathon Kong is a high-end label specialized in custom men’s suits and shirts, introducing a modern-day flair to the long standing art of traditional tailoring. Asserting a customer dynamic rarely found in modern businesses, we make it a fundamental mission to cultivate strong, trusting and collaborative relationships where the customer is always at the core.

Afterall, it’s about the people who wear our suits, not about who makes them.


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As unique as each Nathon Kong suit is, the one thing found constant with every suit is its signature Kong Stone discreetly embedded within the sleeve: a citrine gem blessed by monks in Buddhist ritual, signifying success and personal will. Akin to a soldier’s uniform, a suit is an important part of a successful man’s everyday—an armor he puts on, giving him the confidence needed to face the day-to-day challenges of his corporate war. But a soldier always carries with him a charm, and—like a photograph or lucky rabbit’s foot—the Kong Stone nests within his uniform, bringing him luck and prosperity.


Officially launched in 2014, the Nathon Kong label began operating out of a truck, which acted as a mobile boutique, solar-powered and fully integrated with a built-in 3D body scanner. This unique model was dubbed Tailor2Go and the Nathon Kong label benefited from this stand-out vehicle in generating buzz and curiosity around the brand. But it was the trust, personalization, and quality expertise Nathon Kong brought to the table that won the hearts of its loyal clientele. Today, Nathon Kong invites its clients at its private showroom. However, the truck remains a staple at events.

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Driven, dedicated and humble are ways to describe the Nathon Kong team. Nurturing a collaboration-centric culture, the team works hard in building lasting relationships with every customer.



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Business Development and Marketing


Customer Experience Specialist


Our first meeting is in-person, consisting of a quick 3D scan to retrieve your full body measurements. We create your profile, then look at design options. With hundreds of fabrics to pick from, we are able to create clothes that best suits your needs, both regarding style and budget.

Once your garments are ready, we schedule a first fitting appointment. In some cases, there can be a few adjustments, which are done within the week. Otherwise, your garments are ready to take home!

Meetings and fittings are made by appointment only and can be booked by online appointment request or via direct email at info@nathonkong.com.

Our two piece suits range from $775 to $2,000. The price depends on the fabric you choose. We only carry fine Italian wools, privately imported and bought directly from the makers to ensure the best quality, including exclusive partnerships with Cerutti and Zegna. Our lean business model allows us to currently offer our clients these prices, for high-end suits that would normally go for $5,000 and upwards off the rack.

We also offer beautiful custom-made shirts ranging from $125 for single-ply to $150 for double-ply. Our shirts are made exclusively from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Orders take about 4 to 6 weeks to be made. Once ready, an in-person fitting session is scheduled to see if any preferential adjustments are needed. If that is the case, alterations are done within the week.

What better gift to give a spouse, friend or family member than a complete Nathon Kong experience? It doesn’t get personalized than that. Our beautifully crafted gift card are even available for online purchase.

For any questions on pricing, please see section above or reach us via info@nathonkong.com.

Our truck—or Elizabeth Tailor as we affectionately call her—is part of our commitment to serve our customers. She comes fully equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D scanner to ensure the most accurate measurements possible. This mobile concept, originally dubbed Tailor2Go, is designed to make our customers feel like they are walking in a private boutique. Did we mention she also comes with a full bar?

Elizabeth Tailor is reserved for group and corporate events servicing the downtown Montreal area. For all other appointments, we invite our customers to enjoy the Nathon Kong experience at our headquarters, currently situated in Griffintown.

Need more details or have more questions? Please reach out to us via info@nathonkong.com.